Exercise therapy is essential for recovery & preventing re-injury

At Be Your Best Physiotherapy  our classes are overseen by Physiotherapists and can be modified to suit your needs, injuries and fitness levels. An individual consultation is essential before commencing our classes. In this individual consultation, our Physiotherapists will assess your injury concerns and technique, so that classes can be tailored to suit your needs and you can gain the maximum benefit from the classes.


Our Reformer Pilates classes are conducted on Reformers which allow the exercises to be made easier or more challenging by adjusting the tension on the springs. The focus of these classes is to improve posture, body tone and shape for injury prevention and overall well-being.


We also offer hydrotherapy classes at Casey RACE (in Cranbourne East). These classes are ideal for people recovering from illness or injury and the classes combine cardiovascular and toning exercises to reduce pain, improve fitness, maintain strength and enhance posture. Hydrotherapy classes can be claimed on private health insurance extras coverage.


For people returning to exercise, we are offering Strength Training classes, which are suitable for any age or injury/condition (class easily adapted to suit your needs). Ideal for those returning to exercise after illness or injury. Class aims to improve fitness & core stability and enhancing body shape.

For those looking for a challenge, we are offering Mat Pilates classes for experienced Pilates participants.

For more information or to receive our current timetable please call us (03) 5996 2693 or