We offer Specialist Pregnancy & Post Natal Physio Care

Our specialist Physiotherapists can assist with the management of a number of pregnancy and post-natal issues, including:

Neck, Back, Pelvic and Groin pain
Prevention and rehabilitation of rectus abdominis separation (DRAM)
Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Be Your Best Physiotherapy specialises in the care of pregnant and post-natal women, including hands-on physiotherapy treatment, taping, advice and safe exercise options.

We may also supply a pelvic stability brace if required. A pelvic stability brace can be of assistance to those who have low back, pelvic or groin pain during pregnancy. Our specialist physios can fit and supply these braces. No appointment is necessary to supply the brace – just give us a call to ensure a physio will be available when you attend the clinic!


Pregnant participants can join our Reformer Pilates & Hydrotherapy classes. Classes aim to enhance your fitness, improve strength, reduce fatigue during pregnancy and encourage a faster recovery following the birth of your baby.

For more information or to receive our current timetable please call us (03) 5996 2693 or


Abdominal Separation (DRAM) is common after pregnancy and if not rehabilitated, women are more at risk of back-ache, hernias, pelvic girdle pain and pelvic floor dysfunction - so it’s essential to repair these muscles after pregnancy. This class can be commenced from six weeks post-delivery after an individual assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. We have an assistant available in this class to help with care of babies.

For more information or to receive our current timetable please call us (03) 5996 2693 or