We understand the teenage years are a challenging time – juggling sport, growth, school and even work. Therefore Injury Rehabilitation requires a specialist approach to manage these competing challenges.

At Be Your Best Physiotherapy, we have over fifteen years experience managing teen sports injuries at Dandenong Stingrays Football Club.

Our Physio team offers accurate diagnosis, hands-

on treatment and a return to gym, running or sport program. This specialist Teen Sports Injury rehab service results in quicker return to sport and reduced risk of re-injury. We can liaise with coaches and personal trainers to assist your return to activity.

The Be Your Best Kids Physio class is for 4-8 year old children. The goal of this class is to improve strength, co-ordination, balance and core strength which will assist hand-writing skills, ball skills, reduce fatigue and increase concentration at school. Please call 5996 2693 or email help@beyourbestphysio.com.au for more information and bookings.