Pelvic Floor Issues are treatable health conditions, NOT a normal part of ageing

Michelle Crowther at Be Your Best Physiotherapy is experienced in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor issues, including:

Leakage when coughing, sneezing or exercising
Difficulty holding on and frequent trips to the toilet
Prolapse pain for women
Pre & Post-Prostatectomy rehabilitation
Pelvic pain and/or sexual pain (for both women and men)

Pelvic Floor problems affect both males and females, young and old. It's not a normal part of ageing or following childbirth, it's a treatable health issue. At Be Your Best Physiotherapy we can use real-time ultrasound placed on your stomach. NO INVASIVE TESTS and NO EMBARRASSMENT.

Did you know?
1 in 3 women who have had a baby experience leakage.
1 in 2 women have prolapse symptoms.

However you don’t have to put up with these symptoms. Seek help, something can be done!

Research shows 75% of stress incontinence can be cured or significantly improved within 5 sessions of Physiotherapy.


Michelle is also experienced in the management of chronic pelvic pain. Recent research demonstrates 1 in 5 Australian women and 1 in 12 Australian men will experience pelvic pain. Often this pain can be contributed to by non-relaxing pelvic floor muscles and symptoms can include abdominal, back, groin or pelvic pain, difficulty urinating or passing bowel motions, urinary frequency or discomfort during sexual activity.

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