Tradies National Health Month shines a light on the health and wellbeing of tradies and the risks posed to those working in trade occupations.

The Physiotherapists at Be Your Best Physiotherapy are experienced in the management of common Tradies health issues – including neck and back pain, shoulder and knee pain. Our Group Pilates classes are also ideal to rehabilitate and prevent work injuries – YES EVEN BLOKES DO PILATES TOO!

For more information, contact Be Your Best Physio or go to: for tradies!

Do you need inspiration to help you stretch and strengthen key muscle groups? In conjunction with Physitrack we’ve created a collection of exercise videos to help you get through the toughest days.

The best part: it’s completely free and you can access it right from your phone or tablet!

  1. Download PhysiApp from the App Store or Google Play.
  1. Enter access code wnqpcb
  1. Enjoy a new exercise each day until the end of August

What are you waiting for?


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